Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of results can we expect?
 You son will develop a foundation that we can almost guarantee he has not been exposed to before.  Mental health professionals, schools, camps, etc. do not teach the skills we teach.  Parents have remarked how their sons have developed a greater degree of independence and flexibility through attending Summer Trip Camp as well as developing resiliency and independent problem solving skills.  We provide parents support in learning the language and strategies we use at camp so you can continue to generalize these skills at home.  We want to be very clear that there are no quick fixes when it comes to social & executive function skill development. 

Who are your staff?
Summer Trip Camp is staffed by teachers or college students majoring in education who are under the supervision of Ryan Wexelblatt, Camp Director.  Staff have been carefully screened to ensure they have the right temperament to work successfully with our campers and be able to teach concepts.  Staff have obtained mandated clearances as required by state and federal laws.  

I’ve searched all over the country and haven’t found anything like your camp.   This is exactly what our son needs!  Do you know of a camp like yours in (insert your city here)?
You have done your homework correctly!  There is no camp like Summer Trip Camp operating anywhere in the U.S.  If you do not live in the area your son can still participate in Summer Trip Camp.  The Jersey Shore is a great place for a family vacation while your son attends camp.  The neighboring beach towns of Ventnor, Ocean City (as well as Margate where camp is located) are popular with families.   Many generations of families have spent their summer vacations in the area. We are happy to help point you in the right direction if you would like to vacation in the area while your son is attending.  

My son has always attended a large day camp and doesn’t want to leave it.  My sense is they tolerate him there but he hasn’t benefited in terms of friendships or skills.  I know he won’t want to go to a camp if he knows it’s for kids with ADHD because he’s self-conscious about having ADHD.  How do I convince him that this would be a great experience for him?
You can explain to your son that we do not sit around and talk about ADHD, social skills, etc.  We are an active camp for boys who like to “learn while doing”.  While we do have a brief instructional period each day, it is directly tied into our daily plans.  You can tell him it’s a camp for kids who like being active and need a little help with the things their brain makes a little harder for them to learn.  From a parent;s perspective-As bright as your son may be he does not possess the maturity or foresight to know what he needs in terms of skill development.  You need to decide what is best for him at his age, even if he initially is resistant to stepping outside of his comfort zone.  

Do you work on academic executive function skills during camp?
We do not believe in teaching academic executive function skills during the summer as their is no relevant context for them.  Furthermore, the kids we’ve known who have attended academic executive function programs in the summer were unhappy with attending and did not carry over the skills they learned into the upcoming school year.  We focus on improving global executive function skills such as planning ahead, improving self-directed talk and conceptualizing time.  

Our son attended an overnight camp that was presented to us as for kids with ADHD.   The counselors told us he was the role model for his bunk because he was the highest functioning kid.  He felt out of place there given the severity of some of the other kids challenges.   Do you have kids with more significant challenges at your camp?
Given their extremely high tuition, most overnight camps that market themselves as ADHD camps and social skills camps cannot be too selective because they need to fill beds.  Summer Trip Camp is a small program specifically for boys who present with ADHD and/or learning differences.  We are not a special needs camp and are not designed for campers who are diagnosed with autism.  If we determine that a camper would be better served at a camp with a greater degree of support we will provide the family with referrals. 

How do you handle medications during camp?
Most of our campers take medication which we will dispense.  Please note that Summer Trip Camp does not have a nurse on staff given our small size thus we are not a camp for campers who have significant medical needs.

Where do you stay on overnight trips? 
We stay in hotels or college dormitories.  Parents receive a trip itinerary including address and contact information for everywhere we stay.   An email is sent out each night and photos are posted on our photo site.  During overnight trips campers are grouped in rooms of 3-4.  If campers do not want to share a bed they can bring a sleeping bag. (Very few campers have ever used their sleeping bags when they’ve brought them). 

Can we attend weeks that are not consecutive?  We have a family vacation planned for one week.
Absolutely, this happens every summer and works out fine when the kids return after being away.

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