Frequently Asked Questions

Is Summer Trip Camp a day or overnight travel camp?
We are a day travel cam .   Camp is based in Margate, New Jersey.  Parents transport campers to and from camp each day.  Margate is a family friendly beach town that is very popular with families who vacation here each summer.  Neighboring towns where families vacation include Ventnor, Longport and Ocean City.  We can help you point you in the right direction of finding a vacation rental home. 

Is Summer Trip Camp a therapeutic camp?
Summer Trip Camp is not a clinical program and is not a behavior modification program. There is no therapy, social skills groups, etc.  Each day we do a lesson (about 30-50 minutes) in executive functioning, Social Thinking concepts, independent skills and the rest of the time we are out having fun and being active.   

We are going to be vacationing at the shore, can my son participate in camp?
Absolutely!  Camp is open to families who are local to the area as well as those on vacation or who have summer homes in the area. 

How can you teach social skills if your camp does not have peer role models without ADHD? 
If you son struggles socially he cannot improve his social skills simply being around kids with more developed social skills. Individuals who struggle socially are born with weak social observational skills.  They cannot improve their social skills simply be being around kids with more developed social skills.   If “peer modeling” worked then theoretically no one should struggle socially after they’ve been in school for several years as they have spent the majority of their day around students who do not have ADHD.   

What makes you different than the overnight ADHD camps I see advertised in ADHD magazines?
Most overnight camps that market themselves as ADHD camps and social skills camps cannot be very selective in terms of whom they take because of their extremely high tuition thus they accept campers with a range of neurodevelopmental challenges.

Summer Trip Camp is a small program specifically for boys who present with ADHD.  We are not a special needs camp and are not designed for campers who are diagnosed with autism.  Through the admission process if we determine that a camper would be better served at a camp with a greater degree of support than we can provide we will provide you with a referral to a camp where we think your son can be successful. 

What kind of results can we expect?
As with any experience, the more time your son spends at camp the more he will generalize the strategies and concepts we are teaching.   Parents have remarked how their sons have developed a greater degree of independence and flexibility through attending Summer Trip Camp as well as developing resiliency and independent problem solving skills.   We want to be clear that there are no quick fixes when it comes to social & executive function skill development.  These areas of lagging skills have a great deal of depth.  During Summer Trip Camp we focus on foundational skills that form the basis of executive functioning and social learning. 

I’ve searched all over the country and haven’t found anything like your camp.   This is exactly what our son needs!  Do you know of a camp like yours in (insert your city here)?
You have done your homework correctly!  There is no camp like Summer Trip Camp operating anywhere in the U.S.  

Ryan Wexelblatt, Summer Trip Camp Director has extensive training in teaching executive function skill-building strategies.  Additionally, Ryan is one of the few males in the country to have received a Social Thinking Certificate of Completion for participating in the Social Thinking Clinical Training Program (Level 1).   A School Social Worker and Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Ryan has a lifetime of camp experience and is the Director of Ride the Wave Counseling in Linwood, New Jersey.  Additionally, ADDitude Magazine created a new section on their website for Ryan’s content. .  Please check out the ADHD in Boys section to watch Ryan’s videos and the ADHD Dude Facebook page.

Summer Trip Camp sounds exactly what my son needs but I can’t convince him to attend. Any suggestions?
Boys with ADHD often say “No” to anything new or unfamiliar.  This can be based in anxiety or lack of resiliency to step outside of their comfort zone.  If you allow your son to make decisions (such as whether or not to attend a camp) he will miss out on experiences that will help him grow. 

As bright and articulate as your son may be he does not possess the maturity or foresight to know what he needs in terms of skill development.  You need to decide what he needs, even if he initially is resistant to stepping outside of his comfort zone.  We are skilled at helping campers move through their initial anxiety. 

What should I tell my son about attending Summer Trip Camp?  He doesn’t like the ADHD label and thinks his social skills are fine despite the fact he lacks friends. 
You can explain to your son that we do not sit around and talk about ADHD, social skills, etc.  We are an active camp for boys who like to “learn while doing”.  While we do have a brief instructional period each day, it is directly tied into our daily plans.  You can tell him it’s a camp for kids who like being active and need a little help with the things their brain makes a little harder for them to learn.  

Do you work on academic executive function skills during camp?
No! We do not believe in teaching academic executive function skills during the summer as their is no relevant context for them.  Furthermore, the kids we’ve known who have attended academic executive function programs in the summer were very unhappy with sitting indoors all day working on “school stuff” during the summer.  We focus on improving global executive function skills such as planning ahead, improving self-directed talk and conceptualizing time.  

How do you handle medications during camp?
Most of our campers take medication which we will dispense if necessary.  Please note that Summer Trip Camp does not have a nurse on staff given our small size thus we are not a camp for campers who have significant medical needs.

Who is not a good candidate for Summer Trip Camp?
Please note that Summer Trip Camp is not a special needs or therapeutic camp.  We do not offer a level of support for boys whom:

  • are prone to physical/verbal aggression, emotional outbursts in school or in public
  • prone to elopement when upset/angry
  • attend a cyber school or are home schooled
  • make threats of aggression towards teachers or classmates
  • require 1:1 support in school or are in a self-contained behavioral classroom for the majority of the school day
  • are diagnosed with Asperger’s or higher-functioning autism
  • have significant anxiety that manifests as negativity/outbursts when in a group setting

Additionally, Summer Trip Camp is not a good fit for parents who have separation anxiety from their son as we do not permit campers to have mobile devices at camp.

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