Summer Trip Camp was designed for boys who are looking for an active summer experience and parents who are looking for a program that will help their sons develop important social, executive functioning, self-regulation and age-expected independent skills.

We teach important life skills that are not taught in schools or camps, including ADHD camps and social skills camps. 

The program which began in 2017 was designed for boys who enjoy “learning while doing” and would benefit from spending time with a small group of similar-age boys who understand them.   Our small program size provides a high degree of individualized attention and supervision.  

The experience we provide isn’t about the highly specialized skill development strategies we integrate into our daily program…it’s about the close friendships that are formed.

Skills we teach at Summer Trip Camp include:

  • learning to form genuine friendships without the involvement of video games 
  • being attuned to others’ thoughts and feelings (reading social cues)
  • understanding how you come across to others
  • managing money
  • learning how to feel the passage of time
  • developing situational awareness (reading a room)
  • being responsible for one’s belongings
  • being flexible in order to work as part of a group
  • self-advocacy skills
  • expressing emotions in a manner expected for one’s age
  • accepting constructive feedback
  • resolving conflicts peacefully
  • developing self-confidence and a sense of accountability to others

Summer Travel Camp is not a “social skills camp” or a special needs summer camp.  The skills we teach are not taught at ADHD camps or social skills camps.

We provide a structured, fun learning experience designed for boys to develop skills they may not have developed intuitively due to ADHD or learning differences. 

We welcome the opportunity to speak with you and your son about being part of an amazing summer experience.  

Please contact us to discuss next steps.