Skills We Teach

Skills we teach during Summer Trip Camp:

  • Learning to be flexible for the sake of being part of a peer group
  • Improving self-directed talk (doing things independently, without constant prompting)
  • Developing resiliency to get through non-preferred tasks
  • Understanding how to be show an interest in others so they know you want to be friends
  • Improving cognitive flexibility (being less “black and white” in thought process)
  • Learning how to differentiate between what’s a “small problem” or “big problem”
  • Being responsible for your belongings
  • Improving perspective taking ability (understanding other’s thoughts/feelings & how you come across to others)
  • Developing self-advocacy skills
  • Cultivating and sustaining friendships
  • Making a “future plan” in order to complete a task
  • Cooking/Kitchen Safety
  • Maintaining good hygiene
  • Using past experiences to plan for the future
  • Taking a leadership role

The skills we teach are based on the following methodologies and curricula.
Ryan Wexelblatt, Camp Director has more training in these methodologies than any mental health professional or Camp Director throughout the Philadelphia area and South Jersey.

Additionally, our approach to building social skills, executive functioning and resiliency is informed by the work of Lenore Skenazy (Let Grow) and Dr. Michael Gurian’s work on boys’ brain development. 

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