Apply to Summer Trip Camp

Boys who will be entering grades 6th-11th by June 30, 2021 are eligible to attend Summer Trip Camp.   There is a multi-step application process which you can read about here.

Please note that not all boys who present with ADHD would be successful in Summer Trip Camp. Summer Travel Camp does not offer a level of support for boys whom:

  • require emotional support services in school as part of an IEP or 504 plan if attending public school
  • Are prone to physical/verbal aggression, emotional outbursts in school or in public
  • Prone to elopement when upset/angry
  • Have significantly difficulty being part of a similar-age peer group
  • Make threats of aggression towards teachers or classmates
  • require 1:1 support in school or are in a self-contained behavioral classroom for the majority of the school day
  • are diagnosed with Asperger’s or higher-verbal autism (There is no flexibility with this)
  • have significant anxiety that manifests as negativity/outbursts when in a group setting
  • are home schooled or attend cyber schools

Additionally, Summer Trip Camp is not a good match for parents who have separation anxiety from their children as campers do not carry phones or smart watches with them. 

Campers are expected to continue their daily medication regimen during their time at camp.  Despite the advice of professionals and physicians, camp is not a good time for a “medication vacation”.

If Summer Trip Camp is not where we believe your son could be most successful we will be happy to provide you with referrals to other camps where we believe your son could be successful.

Summer Trip Camp is a small program in order to assure a high degree of individual attention and instruction.  Early registration is strongly encouraged.  

Learn about the application process