How Summer Trip Camp is different than “ADHD overnight camps”.

What makes Summer Trip camp different than ADHD overnight camps:

  • ADHD overnight camps need to fill beds (at a high tuition cost) thus they cannot be particularly selective about the campers they accept (particularly as they get closer to camp starting).  As a result, there will be campers at ADHD overnight camps who have more significant challenges than ADHD.   Summer Trip Camp is a small camp of 10 campers.  We are comprehensive in our admission process to make sure a prospective camper and his parents will be a good match for the program.  
  • The skills and strategies taught at Summer Trip Camp could not be taught at ADHD overnight camps because overnight ADHD camps are not going to make a significant financial investment in providing their staff with extensive and costly training  if there is no guarantee the staff will return the following summer.  Summer Trip Camp is is based on my extensive training and experience, much of which falls outside of the mental health field.   There is no one place or methodology to teach the skills taught at Summer Trip Camp, it is an amalgamation of years of training and experience.
  • ADHD overnight camps all claim that they teach social skills and may offer “social skills groups”.  Most individuals who teach social skills have no actual training or education in this area.  As a result, social skills groups and social skills instruction often looks like prompting scripted, socially appropriate behaviors, not teaching the foundational social thinking skills that have not developed intuitively  During Summer Trip Camp all of our morning lessons are filmed so parents can learn how to generalize concepts and language that are used at camp.  These lessons are available to watch all year for campers and their families.  You may  view some of the lessons on the Ride the Wave Counseling/Summer Trip Camp Facebook page.

I look forward to speaking with you,
Ryan Wexelblatt, LCSW
Summer Trip Camp Founder and Director